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Brooklands Health Centre Brooklands Healthcare (B.I.H.C.) is the output of 8 years of research and planning by David R. Hickey and was incorporated in June 2007, with the core business focusing on backcare services.

David is pioneering, innovative and professional in the field of backcare and operated the successful Longford Chiropractic Clinic business in Ireland from 1996 to 2007 at which point he expanded further and incorporated B.I.H.C.

David continuously strives for the very best in structural healthcare, and now focuses primarily on Advanced BioStructural Correction™ which he believes is the most efficient, effective and advanced form of structural healthcare currently in practice in the world.

Dr. David R. Hickey David is the founder of Brooklands Healthcare and although a registered Chiropractor, his primary role is the application and deliverance of the Advanced BioStructural Correction Technique™ treatment to his patients.

David first qualified as a Chiropractor in 1996. He holds his principal degree in Chiropractic and is experienced in the application of many different chiropractic and manual therapy techniques, making him proficient in dealing with numerous and varied conditions.

However, along with his two sons, Josh Hickey and Jamie Hickey, they now exclusively use the ABC Technique™ in their practice. Josh and Jamie both studied anatomy and physiology and are qualified in the ABC Technique™ through the Institute of Advanced BioStructural Correction and had personal tuition with the founder and developer, Dr. Jesse Jutkowitz in UK, Europe and United States Of America.

Josh and Jamie are very experienced and proficient in the application of ABC ™ and EndoNasal Correction ™ and treat a wide range of structural and neurological conditions allowing more people to benefit from the treatment and return to their optimum structural health.

David, Josh, and Jamie continue their on-going education and regularly accumulate 50 to 60 hours a year CPD (Continual Professional Development) in post chiropractic / ABC Structural Healthcare and associated study to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the profession. This involves annual travel to England, Europe and United States of America.

David qualified as one of only a handful of elite ABC™ Practitioners and Certified Instructors in the world. He has now retired from his role as Senior Instructor responsible for the deliverance and application and certification of the ABC Technique throughout the United Kingdom and European Union.

Find out more about Brooklands Healthcare’s primary technique and service, Advanced BioStructural Correction™, by clicking here.


Mr. Joshua J. Hickey, ABCP, ENCC, MIABC, MEIABC,
Registered Advanced BioStructural Correction Practitioner™
Registered EndoNasal Cranial Correction™

Mr. Jamie A. Hickey, ABCP, ENCC, MIABC, MEIABC,
Registered Advanced BioStructural Correction Practitioner™
Registered EndoNasal Cranial Correction™

Registered Chiropractor -
Registered Advanced BioStructural Correction Practitioner™,
Registered EndoNasal Cranial Correction™
ABC Certified Instructor™

Other Information

David is a family man. He has three children and his wife Liz, who is the Practice Manager, is a very active and busy member of the clinic team.

David has a keen interest and passion for helicopters and is a qualified Helicopter Pilot holding the designation of CPT.,PPLH.

Many people travel to Brooklands Healthcare from all over Ireland and from abroad to receive treatment. These include medical professionals, Consultant Surgeons and General Practitioners who also refer patients to Brooklands, as well as a number of high profile entertainers from around the world.

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