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MedX Core Fitness System

The MEDX Core Spinal Fitness Strengthening system is a method of strengthening the deep core muscles of the body using medically designed biomechanically precise equipment, which isolates the specific muscles to be strengthened by using a unique and patented restraint system.

MedX Core Spinal Fitness System targets and isolates the individual core muscles that strengthen and supports the spine, stabilise the pelvis, shoulder girdle and neck while also promoting and improving spine and core flexibility. It is unique, patented and a direct descendant of the most technologically advanced medical rehabilitation equipment in the world.


Only the MedX Core features a Patented and Effective Restraint system that provides isolation of specific muscles, increasing stability and allowing for Specific Intensive Strengthening in the body's most vital and vulnerable areas.

The Core has a base weight of 20lbs and increments of 2lbs to allow for very specific and individual strengthening.

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