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Eliminating confusion - How ABC is different

How to unwind the body though old injuries and end up healthy

Eliminating confusion Most people are confused about exactly what can be done in structural healthcare. This obviously includes medical doctors and the public but the confusion goes even further; even chiropractors, osteopaths and physical therapists don’t seem to know exactly what they can do in a given case. It is obvious that mechanical treatment to rearrange body structure works to improve or help heal of many different types of ills and ailments. That things that suddenly stop hurting or start healing range from fevers that come down, stomach aches that stop, headaches that stop, people suddenly not being tired, back pain stopping, neck pain pain stopping and even arm and leg pains from discs proven herniated on CAT scans and MRI that are said to need immediate surgery stop being painful in a short time are all well documented. Besides that, these things happen so often that even medical doctors are now admitting it and sending patients to chiropractors and others for structural treatment. The question is:

Why do chiropractors, osteopaths and others not get these results all the time?

The reason it does not happen all the time is that the basics of human structure and how the body works had not been discovered until recently. Without the exact basic point of how the body goes funky, structural techniques are bound to be inconsistent and unpredictable.

The largest modern confusion in structural healing began with the use of x-rays to research what happens with the spine when realigned. The basic Chiropractic Theory is that as the spine is forced into place it will be more mechanically sound and take pressure off the nervous system. The basic of Osteopathic Theory is that the same forcing of the joints into place will improve blood flow, healing people. Various other theories, even to that of magnetic energy being realigned are put forth in various forms such as Network.

All of them seem to have a part of the puzzle of what happens when the structure is realigned but none of them seem to have a consistent and predictable way of realigning the structure or energy so they get the results consistently and predictably.

That is because they take simple views of how the structure of the body and spine work. Doctors made and make the mistake of thinking that the a front or back view of the spine determines what is straight and not straight.

As you can see here, viewed from the side (right image), the spine looks very different from the front view (left image) where it ideally is straight vertical. From the side view, the spine ideally has curves. This is a typical person’s, even doctors’ views of the ideal spine. When there is a curve on a front view many docs get excited about it and call it a scoliosis.

The reason docs get excited about it is that if your body twists itself up like that it will change the shape of your chest and press on your organs so they will not be able to function well. Problems in breathing, heart function and other organs can start occurring.

Since most docs view the spinal column on x-rays they get a flat picture of the spine either from the front or side view the same as the example pictures on the previous page, when looking at it on an front view x-ray it looks like the column of bones has slipped and curved sideways — but that is not what has occurred.

What most docs have missed is that the spinal column is a three dimensional object that does not curve sideways, it twists around in three dimensions.

To people in the general public this may seem obvious, so obvious that it would be impossible for people supposedly as smart as doctors to miss the point.

Take a look at the definitions of scoliosis in medical dictionaries which define it as, an appreciable lateral deviation in the normally straight line of the spine, you will realize they are looking at the spine as a flat object as it shows on an x-ray and not as a three dimensional object. Big mistake. Even most chiropractors think that way. What is worse is that doctors (medical, chiropractors and osteopaths) will tell you it is obvious that the spine is a three dimensional object and twists in three dimensions but they go on treating it like it was a two dimensional object. this is true of physical therapists too.

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