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You are about to start a journey that for the first time will introduce you to the concept that health care can be consistently and predictably effective.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is not my creation, it is a discovery. What I mean by that is that all I set out to do was to make the methods of health care I was using more effective. I did not set out to discover the basis of why structural treatments like Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and any other method of structural treatment of the body worked when they did work and did not work when they did not work. But that is what happened. Because I found THE basic factor behind why structural treatment of the human body works, suddenly everything about every method became understandable. If this sounds too good to be true, I promise you that no one will be more astonished as to the truth of this then I was the day I realized how all encompassing it is.

The first thing to cover is the basic reason that explains why structural alignment problems lead to and cause neurologic, musculoskeletal and other disorders and symptoms in the human body. Every mode of healing – Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and others – has its own basic theory of how changes in structure affect the body adversely. The difficulty one runs into in studying how altered structure adversely affects the body is that none of these theories are wrong for all cases but none of them are correct for all cases, either.

That means that each of those theories can be demonstrated to be true on some body at some time and reversely, each of those theories can be demonstrated to be wrong, or not true, on some body at some time. The result is that a vast confusion has ensued as to which of the theories is “right”. This confusion has led to arguments, legislation and even outright war between various professions.

Because none of those theories explain all cases, they, therefore, cannot be the basic reason that things go wrong with human structure, which then leads to all the various syndromes and diseases one sees. This is born out because none of the treatment methods, developed from any of those past or current theories, consistently did or does produce the desired results.

What all those theories and professions have missed is that they have not gone far enough down the trail to find the basic problem or basic piece of information underlying the chain of events that have led to the various overtly apparent health problems. (By overtly apparent health problems, I mean things with descriptive names such as “arthritis” which many think is a disease, but is actually just Latin for “inflamed joints”. There is a basic process of which no one else seems to be aware, which leads to those inflamed joints. Therefore, the process seems mysterious and there seems to be no effective treatment. It will be easily understood and easily corrected when you get through this course.)

You could liken science to tracing back a tree from one of its outlying branches and leaves to its trunk and roots. In this case, the science of trying to find the basic reason altered structure causes all the various problems it does. At the outlying branches and leaves, you have the varying problems people present with as patients in an office. Tracing down the next layer you find why those things occur (the immediate and closest cause). You can stop there and say that is why and try to treat it, sometimes thinking you are successful and sometimes not, or you can continue tracing down to the next layer. Arriving there, you can stop, say that is why and treat etc. or continue downward. At some point you get to the bottom. Every researcher in every one of the healthcare professions knows there is farther down the tree to go; they even know that they are looking at the bottom of the tree every time they look at a patient with a problem. The difficulty is that they do not know what they are looking at so they do not see it. It is like looking at a written word that you can pronounce but do not know the meaning of. (Yes, I am ending that sentence with a preposition). You can sometimes work the meaning of the word out of the context but sometimes not.

A great example of this can be seen in reading Watson and Crick’s book on their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953. Until they put it all together, all the researchers trying to discover how DNA worked as the basic blueprint of the cell, knew DNA existed and knew that DNA was the basic outline of how cells reproduced (established in the 1940s), but what they did not know was HOW it worked. The most basic problem in discovering how it worked was to discover the shape of the DNA molecule. All the researchers had x-ray pictures of the molecule (regular light waves are too long) so they all knew what it looked like on the x-rays, they knew what atoms they contained and that some of the atoms occurred in matching amounts. However, though they were looking right at it and knew they were looking right at it, they could not see how it went together so they did not have the basic information they needed which would unlock the puzzle.

Various researchers proposed various models that could explain some of the results of various experiments done. None of the models proposed explained ALL the results without having to create such complicated mechanisms that everyone realized these would not work in life. Everyone knew none of the models were the correct structure or the basic information on the structure of DNA and the mechanisms used to replicate bodies. Then, working with the data of others, Watson and Crick came up with the crucial conceptual step simplifying the whole thing. They modeled a double helix with two strands of molecules joined together as opposites. Simple as heck but no one saw it before them.

The proposed structure was a fit for ALL the experimental data and was therefore immediately accepted.

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